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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Big boy cry

I dont care if im not ok.. im not cry when my heart is breaking.. i cry when my HEARTS are breaking...

Take care while i cant be arround...

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Forever waiting...

the space is between us, but we both can make it this far. So many days have passed. And now.. im.not wanting you anymore. The only thing i want now is seeing you... seeing you in a good condition. Seeing you healthy. Seeing you happy. Seeing you living a right path. Even i want nothing now. Just it...

you dont have to be with me... you can leave me forever... as long as you are in His way, i ll be more than happy...

But maybe... He will take a pity toward me, and let us be together. Maybe in the next life or what it will be. But looking at you now, it's jut so impossible... it's not me that you ll look for. Should i still wait..? Should i? I shouldnt... but i want... though you ll never come back to me, i ll keep waiting... that's for my grattitude to you.. who ever gave me a life im longing.

Nothing i can give now but a forever waiting... thank you.

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