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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Deep Autumn

what a beautiful song... a mandarin song covered by dimash kudaibergenov, my recently favorite singer from kazhakstan.

here is the lyrics... as usual, it really describes my feeling... this is the english translation..

Deep Autumn, Covered by Dimash Kudaibergenov (from Singer 2017)

deep autumn.. deep autumn is the heart of people who part.
A glass of wine, a thousand emotions.
Many giodbyes.. many goodbyes during this season when leaves fall.
Grasping your hand and holding it on my heart
I want you to remember my silent promises.

Oh.. unafraid of bitter yearning, only afraid of putting you in pain
Can only blame people for floating about in the wind, meeting and parting is not up to me.
Oh.. unafraid of solitude, only afraid of your loneliness
No way to explain my pain from this separation.

the melody of this song really can describe the lyrics... my feelings... this song really tells about our story...

"unafraid of bitter yearning, only affraid of putting you in pain.. unaffraid of my solitude, only affraid of your loneliness.."

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